Foldable Clothes Drying Rack | Collapsible Drying Racks for Laundry | Extra Large and Heavy Duty Clothing Drying Rack with Iron Wires and Wooden Legs and 2 Levels with 91 Ft Drying Area, by Scandinaf


  • Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack
  • Heavy Duty Clothing Rack
  • Extra Large – 91 Ft Drying Area on 5 Wings
  • Premium Materials (Wood & Metal)

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  • Laundry Drying Rack collapsible and space saving: This foldable Laundry Stand helps you to move easily from a room to another and also stow it in the corner of your washing cellar or another 10 inch niche to save space when not in use.
  • Moving Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack from the basement or bathroom to the terrace is very easy due to the fact that it folds. It can also be moved with the laundry on it, on a flat surface due to the wheels it is equipped with and which can be blocked after reaching the final position.
  • The Extra Large and Foldable Drying Rack comes with 2 layers of wire measuring in total 91 Ft (1091 inch).
  • Drying Racks for Laundry foldable has 45 wires – with 24,25 inch each. Each of the 5 wings has an accepted weight of 10 Lb.
  • This make Scandinaf Foldable Drying Racks for laundry to have double or even more capacity than the regular drying racks.
  • Open Drying Rack Size: Length 70,5 inch; Width 26,8 inch and Height 41,5 inch (Including wheels) Closed Drying Rack Size: Length 26,8 inch; Width 4 inch and Height 41,5 inch (Including wheels) Weight: 35 Lb
  • Premium material built: The Laundry Rack wires are made from iron and the legs from wood. The wires are treated with paint to prevent rusting. All the iron material is white and the wooden legs are natural wood color.
  • Easy to Install: After unboxing all you have to do is to install the 4 wheels that involve the placement of 8 wooden plugs and 4 screws for which you can also find a screwdriver in the package.
  • Use: The dryer can be used for linen, towels and all kinds of clothes. For the shirts you can use hangers to sit on as you see in the presentation pictures. The Heavy Duty Rack can be used inside or outside. The strong construction, weight and blocking wheels make from this clothes rack to be very stable outside even in windy areas.
  • Air dry benefits: Save money and energy, prevents static clings on your favorite clothes, give your clothes a garment fresh clean smell and prevent the effects of heated drying that can warp, shrink or flake clothes. Quick air-drying and prevent the effects of heated drying that can warp, shrink or can produce lint on your favorite clothes.
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